About Me

Hi there! I’m Julie Black, proud creator of www.wholesomeglamour.com!

 About me:

I’m a happily married wife and mom of 4 kids, enjoying a slower-paced small town lifestyle. Our boys are teens, and we have a lovely aspie daughter who is 5 (going on 30). My background is in healthcare administration and management.  My passions are writing, parenting, autism advocacy, music, and holistic wellness and beauty. I have spent many years researching holistic health & wellness to bring you the best of what I have found.

I’m constantly trialing natural beauty products – I love them and I enjoy helping women find natural products that are organic, made with the best formulations, are cruelty free, and free of toxins. Wholesome glamour will focus on lifestyle as well, covering all sorts of subjects  – from health/wellness to self-care, skincare to hair care – extensively. You might see the odd parenting or relationships post thrown in to the mix; I love writing and blogging as it gives me the freedom to indulge in my passion and creativity as much as I like!

My main focus with this blog is to provide a place where people can learn. A place to gather helpful information and hopefully a place to enjoy a good read and to bring you a warm smile.

Look also for authentic product reviews on this blog with genuine information about natural beauty products. I believe in helping people in any way I can, which is why I focus on maintaining my blog at a highly authentic and reliable level!

I started this blog out of passion.

A passion for health & wellness – a passion for helping women, especially moms – to love & pamper themselves and appreciate their natural beauty. 

Thank you for getting to know me and my blog. If you’d like to stay updated on social media, sign up for my newsletter or get in touch on Facebook, Julie Black!


**I tend to post to Wholesome Glamour 1-3 times weekly.

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Much love and kind regards,

Julie Black,