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Living Intentionally! What It Means, and How to Begin

As I grow older (and hopefully wiser) I’m finding a need to work more on myself and change my perspective. As a young woman in my 20’s, I concerned myself mainly with how I looked and focused primarily on how the world perceived me from that angle. I wanted to appear like I had it all. The looks, the fire, the energy and determination to do anything. I wanted our family to look like a model family, and I wanted to be the model of a perfect mother. I’m sure I’m not alone in this – society has placed so much pressure on women for so long to focus on these things!Living intentionally

I find that in my later 30’s, (although I’m still a lover of beauty and a bit of a perfectionist) – I’ve realized that there is much more to life than appearances. There is more to life than playing a part and attempting to appear to be a perfect mom or have a perfect family, and I learned this the hard way (after stressing myself out so much I completely burned out).

I still like to look attractive, and it does make me feel great to keep in shape and look after my appearance. I like a clean home and groomed yard. I’ve given up on my kids and husband looking or acting ‘perfect,’ because that just isn’t going to happen! They are amazing the way they are, and I love them dearly.  I’ve realized that there is so much more to life than just the way we ‘appear’ to others. I now aspire to be a patient, loving, kind mother and wife – not a perfect one. There are some fantastic character traits that I have naturally, and some not-so-great ones that I’ve been focused on improving in order to become a better version of me.

The term ‘living intentionally’ has a different meaning for each individual. For me, it means looking deeper than appearances and working also on the inner person. It means stepping back and evaluating the things that I’m doing. Trying to understand why I’m doing them, and then deciding if they are helpful or not.

 Living intentionally

Intentional living or lifestyle is a life lived by someone as per his choice based on his core values, ethics and beliefs determined after a deep introspection with a view to living a truly meaningful and purposeful life devoid of any regrets, now or later on in life. It’s a life lived with total awareness and consciousness regarding the choices that are available to an individual. It’s a life where there is total synchronization between thoughts, words and actions.

Intentional living is quite the opposite of the mundane, stereo-typed lives based on patterns determined long ago without much thought going into the aspect of living with awareness. Living intentionally means interacting and engaging with life on a daily basis, even  on a moment-to-moment basis at times.



 living intentionally – beginner tips

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” so goes an old saying. Simplicity and minimalism are two key factors to be kept in mind while consciously pursuing the path of intentional living. The following steps make the journey of living intentionally a smooth one:

  • Know and accept yourself – Do some introspection to know who you are and what exactly you want to do and achieve in life. Accept yourself for who you are. You are enough, you are strong, capable and you are beautiful! Don’t ever compare yourself with others who are on their own individual journeys. Every personality and life is different! The comparison game is a trap that will keep you from feeling fulfilled and loving your life as the gift that it is.


  • Know the choices you have every day – Use your best judgment to make choices that  align with your ideals, morals, ethics, values and beliefs. Don’t be guided by the choices you have made in the past in similar situations. You are constantly growing, learning, and maturing. Don’t look to others and the choices that they are making or fall prey to wondering what someone else would do.


  • Know the culture surrounding you – Fine-tune your choices made consciously with the culture surrounding you if possible. For example, trying to swim against the tide all the time just for the heck of it may not truly be in line with your determination to live intentionally. Do your best to work with your own strengths and limitations. If you don’t know what they are, do some soul-searching to figure them out. A vision board (like the ones I have pictured below can be extremely helpful in this process).

  • Know your calling and passions – Live your passion out completely with total awareness. Let your heart guide you in living a meaningful and purposeful life! I have recently created a visual board that I look at daily to help keep me motivated and on the right track. This is a great and creative tool to help figure out where you want to be, set goals and plan. You can find information to make one here.

Living intentionally vision board


Much love as always!

Julie Black   xx


Mapleblume Luxury Organic Beauty Box – Review

I am very excited to tell you about this lovely new Canadian subscription box! Mapleblume is a high-end luxury box containing only the highest-quality skincare and cosmetics. I love subscription boxes! There are so many products out there, it can be very confusing and difficult to choose what to try.

Mapleblume boxes contain at least 5 premium products, either full-size or deluxe sample-size. Boxes are delivered every 2 months. The products inside have been researched and thoroughly tested and are worth considerably more than the cost of the box. Maplebloom curates the boxes very well, so that they contain products that work well together. The packaging is top-notch and this box would make a great gift – I would love it if my family thought of this for Valentine’s day or Mother’s day, (individual boxes can be purchased as well).

Repair Face Oil from Linne

This oil is so luxurious! I have tried it on my hands, my face, and on dry patches of skin on my elbows and ankles. My skin is now as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Linne is an oil, but it’s very light and moisturizing, not greasy. The ingredient list is remarkable, containing things like Rose Hip Seed Oil, Green Tea Seed Oil, Argan Oils, Sacha Inchi Seed Oil, Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil and Sandalwood Essential Oil, just to name a few. I adore it and will replace when I run out (which won’t be for quite awhile, as this was a full-sized bottle). My hands look 5 years younger! I’ve had compliments on my glowing skin, and have experienced no breakouts. My skin is like silk, this after just one week of use!

Herbivore Botanicals Pink Clay Exfoliating Mask

This beautifying and skin-softening mask is lovely. It’s a botanical clay mask that you mix with water and apply, let dry and then remove. My skin feels amazingly soft after using this! This would be great to use before a special event or even just to keep your skin looking and feeling nice during these long winter months.

Organic Nation’s Hydrating Day Cream

This product is a deluxe sample size, perhaps enough to last a couple of weeks. I love the way it smells; it has a delicate herbal scent and it has a great texture. The main ingredient is Indian Gentian leaves. It also contains precious plant-based oils such as Camellia, Jojoba and Argan oil.

Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish (I Love My #Selfie)

Trust fund is a green nail polish brand that is “7-free”, cruelty-free and vegan. It’s a nice red shade – I love reds – and it lasted about 4 days without chipping. Four days is a crazy long time for a nail polish to last on me! I always seem to have my hands in soapy water whether it’s dishes, laundry or bathing a child. Thumbs up!

Fitglow Beauty Mineral Blush (In Cheeky)

This is a long-lasting blush and blends beautifully. It is suitable for any skin type and I love this soft and pretty shade. I have very pale skin and have to be careful what shades I use on my face but I needn’t have worried – this blush is very natural-looking.

Pure Anada Petal Perfect Lipstick (Sugar Plum)

This is probably the most moisturizing lipstick I’ve tried yet! It’s made with plant oils, rich butters and waxes and contains Rosehip Seed Oil which is amazing for dry chapped skin. Rosehip is also known to promote cellular repair/regeneration. The shade is quite pretty and wearable in any season. It has a bit of a pearly sheen to it.


December’s box is valued at $223 in total, and the cost is $120 bi-monthly or $140 for a singular box. Shipping is free in Canada! It’s great to see a quality box like this that is Canadian made and features some Canadian products. The price point is a little high for some budgets, but I don’t think $60 per month is too costly when you look at the value of the luxurious treasures inside. Check it out for yourself here. I’m looking forward to seeing more from Maplebloom – have you tried it? If so – what do you think of it?


Kind regards and much love!

Julie Black xx

New year 2017

What do you want 2017 to look like? Make a plan!

Make a plan for 2017! I picked this topic to write about because I had a terrible 2016! I mean, it was a roller-coaster year. My daughter was diagnosed with Autism, and I spent countless hours at her school advocating for her while we waited for assistive services. My father had pneumonia last April (and after further testing was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer). He passed away this September.

The company that my husband contracts with lost some of their large contracts, and so work became sort of scarce for him. (He owns his own big rig). Finances were very tight for most of the year, and we spent most of our savings to stay afloat. We couldn’t afford a vacation or any day trips over the summer with our kids, and on top of that, I nearly died myself in July from a severe case of acute hepatitis (cause unknown) and I still have some issues with my liver. I’m so extremely careful now about what I put onto and into my body!

I almost have to have a chuckle now because it was like we had everything under the sun thrown at us. Like, everything! The good news is, we’re still going strong. Our marriage is intact and our family has grown closer. We took a few hits but things have leveled out for the most part and we’re doing much better 🙂

Yes, I am done with 2016, and I have never been so excited or looked so forward to a new year!!


Mapping out the year, MAKE A PLAN:

So, what am I going to do? Make a plan of course, and you can too if you like. I will take you through my planning process because I fully intend to have a wonderful, exceptional, kick-ass 2017.

The main things that I want to focus on this year are:

  1. My family. I want to spend more time connecting with my kids and my husband, and this will be a part of my plan.
  2. Fun – scheduled and summer activities and time spent with friends
  3. My blog. I intend to post 4 blogs and 3 reviews per month for you to enjoy J
  4. My marriage – I think we’re due for some counselling after our struggle this past year and also due for some sizzling hot date nights.
  5. My health. I will be working out 3 x week and intend to do 2 5-day juice fasts by the end of February. Check back over the next month or so, I will be posting about the benefits of these, my experience and how to do them.
  6. Our Finances. We pretty much used up our savings to get through the year. It’s time now to start banking and saving so that we can have a good summer as well as replenish our nest-egg and plan for home repairs and upgrades.
  7. Personal Growth. I think it’s very important to always have an open mind to self-improvement.


Planning tips


  • Break larger goals down into steps that you can take daily to attain them. For instance, I want to lose 15 lbs. What am I going to commit to doing on a daily/weekly basis to achieve this goal?
  • Set goals that are realistic. My plan for this coming summer is a camping trip/or cabin rental and 4-5 day trips. More visits to our local beach. Attend festivals etc. It would be unrealistic to attempt a large family trip this year as we will still be recovering from 2016.
  • Look at all areas of your life. What areas do you need to work on the most? Concentrate on those. Don’t forget self-improvement! These sorts of activities give us a renewed sense of self-confidence and help us to grow as people.
  • Plan to revisit your goal chart on a monthly basis. Celebrate areas of success, and work on any areas where you may have fallen off-track (we all do, best intentions and all). Work on this monthly throughout the year to monitor your progress. It’ll make you feel more in control of your life, and it just feels good, I promise!


Some Charting ideas to look at:

smart goals




make a plan

Setting goals

These goal planning sheets can be found by searching google images for goal planning worksheets 🙂










Please leave me a comment! I would love some accountability partners to work with, and I’d love to hear about your goals as well!


Much love and all the best for 2017!

Julie Black Xo



Holiday stress

Feeling the holiday crunch? Try these stress-busting techniques

In this fast-paced world, change is inevitable. The one thing that you can pretty much count on in life is feeling stressed. LOL! I know, that sounds morbid but it’s true! Have you ever wondered why you have lost motivation in your work? Why you feel tired even when you wake up in the morning? There is a one word answer to these questions and that is “stress”.

Stress is a “germ” that is behind many creepy little illnesses. If not controlled and minimized, increased levels of stress can be very harmful, especially if you are stressed-out for long periods of time. Stress “kills” the mood, lowers our energy and motivation levels and seriously affects our health.

Have you ever considered trying to reduce your stress levels? It is possible! Bear with me as I go through some of the best techniques that I use personally to reduce stress.


If you are super-stressed, this may be the last thing that you feel like doing. You’ll have to force yourself into it at first. It may take a couple of weeks to get your body into gear, but the benefits are absolutely worth it! Researchers have shown that working out stimulates your body fluids, your adrenals and increases the chemicals in your brain that make you feel happier. According to medical research, exercise releases healthy enzymes that detoxify the effects of stress and inflammation on the body. Exercising daily keeps you active (and lively) which in turn helps you work in an efficient manner. Workout as much as possible in a time of your own convenience and make sure you exercise (at least 3 times weekly) for a healthy and stress-free lifestyle.

Stress relief

Young girl in lotus pose in the snow

Meditation is not a mystery technique anymore. Sort out your schedule and give your mind some time to relax and think. It can bring calmness and relaxation in your mind. According to researchers, the neural pathways of brain are altered by meditation, resulting in resistance to stress. Resilience against stress in turn makes you immune and robust physically. There are plenty of apps that can take you through a guided meditation, or I find that I do well with yoga at home. The stretch feels good and my mind feels cleared.

Get up early:

We all know the importance of the phrase, “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. This is no hidden secret that waking up early makes you a healthy person. Moreover, waking up early also exposes you to an “environment of peace” (associated with early morning) which helps you in reducing your stress. Do some morning stretches, I find they help to get me moving.

Get enough sleep:

Even though waking up early helps you work efficiently but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you shouldn’t get enough sleep. A normal human being needs eight hours of sleep to perform efficiently. Less sleep will make you dull and hazy and that, in turn, would give rise to stress levels in your brain.

Minimize inflammation:

Studies have shown that inflammation gives rise to chronic stress. By consuming good fats (namely omega three fatty acids), inflammation in body can be greatly reduced. Omega three fatty acids stimulate the hormones and enzymes for good. I would suggest an omega supplement. Ignoring your diet can be disastrous. Hence, by managing your diet you can actually work on your stress levels.


Don’t stay inside and in dark places for long periods of time. It induces the gloomy behavior in your personality. Instead get outdoors, socialize with people and make new friends. Join a club or find a class. I’m going to an oil-painting class tonight with friends (should be interesting). Socializing and networking with people is another good option for stress management.

Switch off:

Research shows that those who always keep connected on their gadgets and phones are prone to greater stress levels. Checking your emails frequently and social media updates can induce anxiety. Instead, living a good (yet moderate) social and physically active life can bring you more happiness (than any gadget can bring).


It’s easy to feel numb for moments under pressure and in stressful situations. For those who crack under pressure, practice mindfulness.  Staying “present” (both mentally and physically) helps you tackle any given condition of stress. Find something that works for you. Believe it or not, I tend to excuse myself for a moment, freshen up and recite the alphabet mentally while I do some deep breathing. It might sound silly, but when I return to the situation I’m much calmer.

Breathe deeply:

When involved in a stressful situation, it is recommended to breathe deeply. Breathing deeply helps reduce the cortisol levels in the body (which in turn reduce the stress levels). It also lowers the blood pressure temporarily. I breathe in to the count of 5, and then out to the count of 5. Counting helps me to focus on my breath and reduces tension.

Laugh and Cherish:

Last but not the least; enjoy every small moment of happiness in your life. Learn to live happily and in gratitude. Listen to music, sing in your bathroom, laugh loudly, openly and crack jokes. Bake cookies, read inspiring books, and enjoy the mysteries and realities of this world. Focus on that warm cup of coffee and linger on its pleasant taste. Feel the warm comfort and safety of your bed at night. Linger in a hot bubble bath.

Living life to the fullest is the most essential point in getting over the problem of stress in your life. Don’t let anyone destroy your happiness. Be a source of someone else’s happiness and life will bring you joy!

If you found value in this post, or want to say hello – perhaps you have tips to share as well. Please leave a comment, I would love to hear from you!!

Much love,

Julie Black  Xo



winter blues or SAD

How To Beat The Winter Blues

It’s estimated that approx. 12 million Americans are affected by ‘winter blues’ or seasonal depression in winter. This kind of illness is known as Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD. The symptoms of SAD include feeling sluggish in the morning, food cravings and weight gain. Experts have connected this seasonal depression to the shorter days. The lack of light disrupts the body’s circadian rhythm and induces higher than usual production of the hormone melatonin – which usually helps to bring on sleep, but can cause depression symptoms in higher amounts. I have suffered from this myself for many years and it is absolutlely miserable! This poses a question. How can we beat the winter blues? Let me share some things that have helped me.


Get outdoors

A dose of sunlight and fresh air will balance out your body’s rhythms and pump in more oxygen into the body. Natural light lowers your melatonin levels and boosts production of Vitamin D. I know the weather isn’t pleasant, but if you bundle up warm and invest in a good pair of winter boots, the cold air can be invigorating. take some ear buds and listen to music while you walk!



Find something to do outside that you love!

Be active

Exercising and staying active keeps the body’s metabolism up. Exercise helps kick release the hormone dopamine which is a feel good hormone. The health benefits of exercise include higher immunity – to keep off common ailments that come in winter as cold and flu and a plethora of other health benefits.


Eat healthy

A healthy diet keeps the body’s energy levels up and fights off sugar cravings. This helps avoid piling on the pounds. A healthy diet that includes fruits and vegetables will also boost the body’s immunity against common seasonal ailments. I also recommend a good quality multivitamin, a vitamin C supplement and calcium/magnesium.

Healthy eating

A healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals helps to keep moods stable

Light therapy

Light is very effective in fighting off seasonal depression. If you are in a place where days get considerably shorter in winter, light therapy can work in simulating natural sunlight. Sitting in front of a light box is helpful. Light boxes give off stronger light than usual lighting in the office and at home. You can also use alarm triggered lights that mimic sunrise and help your body’s rhythm adapt the changing light patterns.

Connect with people

The feeling of darkness and isolation is reinforced if you have minimal interaction with people. Getting out there and connecting with friends and family is guaranteed to keep your spirits up. You can also share any problems that are pressing you. Just talking about your problems can lift a huge load off your shoulders. Be silly, and have a good laugh. Laughter is the medicine of the soul!

Stay warm to Beat the Winter Blues

Being cold triggers a defensive mechanism in the body which includes storing more fat which can lead to adding weight. Studies have shown that being warm can reduce the risk of developing seasonal depression by half. Aim to stay at between 18-21 degrees Celsius warm. Taking hot drinks and dressing for the weather is strongly advised.

stay warm

Dress appropropriately for the weather

New interests

Keeping mentally alert will help you fight away the melancholy. Find a new interest or take up an old one. I’ve gotten involved in a vocal group recently, and I love it. I also volunteer once a week as a Sparks leader and the kids warm my heart. I paint, and I read. I play a couple of instruments (not well, but I enjoy it anyway). All of these things give me pleasure and help get me through the blue months of winter.


Hope this helps! Much love as always, and stay warm!

If you enjoyed this article, or if you have additional tips that you’d like to add – please leave a comment below! I would love to hear from you!

Julie Black









Natural skin care

Review of Oz Naturals Skin Care Products

I ordered these Oz Naturals products a few weeks ago because they were all-natural skin care and they seemed to have good anti-aging ingredients in them. Finding the right skin care can be very  difficult – there are so many companies claiming that they have the very best on the market!

Oz products are made in the U.S.A. in an FDA registered facility. They are:

  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Alcohol Free (ethyl alcohol)
  • Paraben Free
  • Sulfate Free

I really liked that they are budget-friendly as well. I ordered the Vitamin C Cleanser, the Super-Youth Retinol Moisturizer, The Vitamin C facial serum and the Ocean Mineral Tonic from www.amazon.ca.  All items together were $100 with shipping.

After using this regimen for a few weeks, I must say that my skin looks and feels firmer, my pores look smaller, and that my skin is much brighter looking. I’m absolutely glowing! I’ve  had no issues with the retinol or breakouts (I have with other products). I plan to continue with this line and perhaps add one of the masks down the road!

You can find more information on these items at https://www.oznaturals.com

vitaminc-product-img      super-youth-product-img    vitccleanser_tube_1024x1024 b00l4ex7xs-main_large



Hope you enjoy!

Julie Black



beauty routine

Changing Up Your Beauty Routine for Winter

Everyone talks about changing up their beauty routine for winter. Let’s take a look at how to do this effectively!

During the summer,  you likely had to deal with shine issues resulting from the heat and hot sun. Now that winter has (pretty much) arrived, the air will be less humid and the cold will start biting your skin. Soon, even the oiliest of skin will be dry and flaky if it’s not properly treated. You need to make some changes in your beauty routine to ensure that your skin remains well-nourished and supple during the winter season. Here are some simple routine changes.

Work those lips  

Don’t leave the house without lip balm! Your lips are likely to crack and feel dry a few hours after your last lip balm application. I personally prefer the natural beeswax products that you can find at your local health food store. Check the ingredients to ensure they are natural!

Do away with the long soaks and Long hot showers

This is a tough one for me! I love nothing more than a steaming hot bath in the winter to warm up after being out in the cold. I could relax there for hours and read a good book! Unfortunately, the extended exposure to hot water dries out the skin and causes a loss of essential oils that are needed during this season. If you’re going to bathe, use moisturizing products and or essential oils in the water. My favourite mix is lemon and balance from Doterra – they smell so soothing when they are mixed together!

Get a humidifier  

The winter air lacks humidity and can be very harsh on the skin. Your heating device will likely make matters even worse. A simple humidifier can add some much-needed moisture into the air. Your hair and skin will thank you, and increased humidity will make your sleep more comfortable as well!

gentle on the skin

Do away with harsh scrubs and deep cleansers. Even the oilier skin types will not require much scrubbing to open the pores. Consider using gentle cream cleansers to prevent dehydration of your skin. You can also use coconut oil or avocado oil to soothe your skin after the cleaning. I like to use coconut oil for pretty much everything!

Moisturize the skin

Apply a good moisturizer before applying your make up. The moisturizer acts as an anti-irritant and anti-flaking product. Moisturizer also helps to visibly reduce the size of the pores. Use again at the end of the end of the day after removing your makeup. I like to use organic, all-natural products suited to my skin type. For winter, I use a face oil and then a good moisturizing balm.

Organic face masks can be very helpful to help in more intense hydration of the skin, especially if you have very dry skin. Do not use a face mask on a daily basis. Try for 2-3 times per week. Don’t  forget to care for your hands and your body. Get some intense hydrating cream for the exposed parts of the body such as neck, hands, and the legs.

Go for the shine

The matte finish is common in the hotter seasons of the year. Get some glow this winter by going for a hydrating foundation. Luminous foundation keeps you looking and feeling fresh all the day long and helps your skin to retain some moisture.

Do not forget to treat your hair as well with hair serums and oils. A good hair oil will help to discourage static and will prevent your hair from drying out. I love the Rejeuvenique oil from Monat for both my skin and my hair – you can look into it here if you like.

I’m looking forward to frolicking with the kids in the snow, whenever we happen to get some of that lovely white stuff again! Guess I’d better get all the the leaves raked up soon…it’s just so much more fun to write 🙂

Much love!

Julie Black




How to deeep conditioning hair treatment

Dry hair? How to do Deep-Conditioning Hair Treatments at Home

Regular appointments for hair treatments are something many women would like to strike off their to-do lists. Knowing how to do deep conditioning hair treatments at home can save you money, time and will definitely keep your hair looking healthy, shiny and promote growth. You can promote healthier, longer hair by scheduling as many DIY deep conditionings as possible. The good news is that DIY hair conditioners are easy to do and the conditioning steps are easy to learn!

deep conditioning hair treatments

This is a turbie twist microfibre towel, great for keeping your hair damp and covering up the mask

My preferred deep-conditioning treatment is Monat Rejeuvenique oil – I apply to my hair 30 min before I shower, shampoo it, and then apply the Replenish Masque for 30-60 minutes. My hair is so soft and silky after a treatment and super-shiny! The Monat products are all-natural and they transform my dry curly hair unlike anything else I’ve tried. You can shop Monat here, or try out one or more of the following homemade hair masks. I have used them all, and they are great too! The ingredients are all easy to find at your local supermarket.

DIY hair conditioners

Working with homemade hair conditioners allows experimentation with different formulas for different results. You can vary your ingredients and formulas according to your hair’s needs.

  • Coconut oil and honey

This formula is the best for deep conditioning aimed at strengthening hair.  Coconut binds to the hair and prevents degradation of keratin, which is the protein in the hair while honey helps bind in the moisture.

  • Olive oil, Shea butter, avocado, and Apple cider

If you would like to do deep conditioning and disentangle your hair, this is the perfect mixture. Olive oil and Shea butter act as lubricants while the avocado and apple cider vinegar shrink and flatten the hair cuticles which make it easier to disentangle the hair. I have done this one several times, and some pointers are to make sure your avocado is ripe & use a nutribullet or blender to mix it all together.

  • Olive oil, glycerin, bananas, and honey

This is the formula for healthy hair that is easy to maintain. Glycerin and honey are humectants which make hair retain moisture. Bananas soften the hair and minimize shrinkage while olive oil penetrates the hair deeply.

Steps for deep conditioning Hair TreatmentS
  1. Wash your hair with shampoo and warm water. Do not use hot water as it weakens the hair leading to breakage. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry to remove excess moisture
  2. Apply your conditioner evenly throughout the hair taking care to ensure you get the whole length from the hairline to the ends. Use a wide toothed comb to pull it through and distribute it evenly.
  3. Massage the scalp 5 minutes to moisturize it and then work on the hair. Rub the conditioner in thoroughly. Put a shower cap or plastic bag on your head and then wrap it with a warm towel. If you have a heat pack or heated bonnet, even better. I have a microwaveable hair bonnet that will keep my head warm for up to 30 minutes, and I absolutely love it! Rest with the conditioner in for 20-30 minutes. The conditioner can be left on overnight for very dry hair – I just wrap mine in a scarf and use an old pillow to sleep on for the night.
  4. Rinse hair with cold water. It helps close the hair shafts and trap in moisture.
  5. Towel off gently.
Towel drying hair

Your hair will feel fabulous and so soft after the treatment. Enjoy your shiny locks!

To keep your hair silky and smooth, do this deep conditioning hair treatment at least once a week. I know it can seem like one more thing to add to the to-do list but it really does make a difference and you will enjoy the compliments when your hair looks fabulous! Treating your hair at home is so much more convenient (and more cost-effective) ensuring that you always have a head full of healthy & head-turning hair!